Project Description

My Aspirations

Use this self-refection to help you work out what kind of person you want to become.
Think about your vision for a better world; what kind of world would you like to see in the future.
What could you do now to take action on this vision and become a more active citizen?

Don’t rush – reflect first, and write from the heart!
These questions should help you reflect so that you can answer each question well.
lease record your answers on a separate sheet of paper and write the final version on your poster.

This film might help to inspire you!

A. What do you want to achieve and contribute in your life?
• Looking back on your inspirational figure, do you want to be like them?
• Is there a particular job or person you look up to?
• How would you want people to remember you or think of you?

B. What are your top key ideas & priorities for a sustainable future?
• What changes/improvements do you wish to see in the next two years?
• What global issues affect you most?
• What global issues do you want to see resolved?
• What do you think can be done to have an effect on these issues? Who do you think can make changes?

C. How are you personally planning to contribute to a sustainable future?
• What changes do you want to see to the world in the future?
• Are you passionate about climate change or another global issue?
• Do you want to find a solution for plastic/sea pollution or endangered animal species ?
• This is about you, what difference do you want to see in your world?

The ‘Example Poster’ on this page might help click here

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